Author: The Camping Geek

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How to Start a Campfire

In this guide, I’ll go over how to start a campfire in a number of ways, while also including information regarding structure types, what kind of wood you should use, ways you can keep a fire burning all night long, and important safety tips. There are many ways to make […]

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How to Wash a Sleeping Bag

Learning how to wash a sleeping bag properly will significantly extend its lifespan, while preventing mildew growth and mold. Regardless of whether your bag includes goose down filler or synthetic filler, a bag should be washed at the end of the season if it gets soaked or dirty, to keep […]

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Best Camping Gear Buyer’s Guide for 2020

Packing the best camping gear is the key to a successful camping trip. The gear you bring along can help you brave the elements, can keep you warm or cool, depending on the season, and can make your trip comfortable, while leaving you prepared to handle just about anything mother […]