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Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent Review


This spacious fourteen-person model by Ozark Trail is loaded with all the right features you’ll need for a long camping trip out in the backcountry. If you’re looking for a tent that can provide more privacy and better than average air circulation, then your search is over. Well-built, equipped with twelve windows and four rooms, this is the Cadillac of tents.

Our Verdict: This is a model that’s classified as a three-season tent, but in reality, it’s more designed to handle mild weather conditions, low to moderate rainfall, and warm weather only. It doesn’t retain warmth well, so you’ll want to avoid using it during the winter months at all costs. It’s also lacking in built-in storage space, which can be a drawback for some potential buyers. However, it’s four-room design, complete with private entrances for each room, and the twelve windows combined with the mesh ceiling make this model the perfect choice for summer campouts. But the design itself isn’t exactly beginner-friendly. If you don’t have any or much experience with tent assembly, you can expect to spend forty to sixty minutes putting this model together. Overall, the tent is well-built, even if it doesn’t come with as many bells and whistles as you’d expect from a model of this size.

While it’s not exactly designed to handle harsh weather conditions, if you’re looking for an affordable model that can provide space for up to fourteen people, one that offers better than average airflow, four rooms, and a total of four entryways, then this model delivers.

Overview and Rating

This is a tent that’s not lacking in features. Offering four rooms, twelve windows, four entryways, and a built-in electric port, you definitely won’t be roughing it in a model that’s designed to meet a camper’s every need, whether you’re braving the backcountry or spending a relaxing vacation at a local campground.

However, while it’s large enough to handle a bigger camping party, it’s not designed to deal with inclement weather, which can make it a poor choice if you need a tent for the fall and winter months. In fact, it also struggles in high wind conditions.

Another problem is the long assembly process, which can take anywhere from forty minutes to one hour. If you’re looking for a model that offers an instant setup process, this definitely isn’t the tent for you. But considering the size, the large rooms, high ceilings, twelve windows, and spacious interior, a longer assembly time may just be worth it.

Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

trail base

  • Four rooms
  • Twelve mesh panel windows
  • Mesh ceiling
  • Built-in rainfly
  • Four entryways
  • Durable


Unlike competing models that I have reviewed, this is not a freestanding tent. With that being said, you can expect a more complicated assembly process, since the structure must be staked to the ground.

Inside, you’ll notice right away how tall and airy it feels. The peak height is approximately seventy-eight inches, with very tall walls that give it an almost cavernous feel.

This setup comes with several poles, considering the size of the structure. There are a total of ten poles for the roof that are made out of fiberglass, and twelve main poles that are made out of stainless steel.

In the common space, you’ll find three small pockets sewn into one of the walls and a hook for a lantern. That’s it for built-in storage. Of course, considering the size of the main room, you should have no problem organizing and storing your gear, even without very many built-in storage options.


This model is designed for mild to moderate weather conditions and is classified as a three-season tent. It can handle relatively warm weather and moderate rainfall, but it struggles with high wind conditions, heavy downpours, and snow. This is basically a summer tent, even though it’s labeled as a three-season model. In fact, it does a poor job of retaining heat. The variety of windows can help with air circulation, but the overall design doesn’t do much to keep the interior cool during the hotter months of the year or warm once the temperature drops.

Waterproof Rating

The manufacturer doesn’t make any claims concerning its waterproof rating, but this model does have taped seams and the roof can easily handle light to moderate rainfall. Each of the windows and doors features a double-layer design. The roof comes with a large rainfly that’s designed to provide an unobstructed view since it ends right above the mesh window panels.



Each of the rooms comes equipped with large windows. There are a total of twelve in all, with windows placed on every side. Each of the rooms will have two large windows and an additional window on the private entryway. These are mesh windows, complete with zippered flaps that allow you to securely close the windows once it gets chilly or in the event of rain.


The ceiling also features a large mesh panel, so you’ll have an amazing view of the evening sky. This panel can also be zipped up tight in the event of rain or to prevent your gear from getting wet from morning dew.


This model measures in at twenty feet by twenty feet, with a total interior space of four hundred feet. The tent is large enough to accommodate a total of four queen-sized beds. While the manufacturer states it can handle up to five beds if you add a fifth bed this will prevent the use of the dividers.

In terms of size, it can handle up to fourteen people. Inside is spacious, so you can easily fit several sleeping pads if you don’t want to use airbeds.

Transport Size

When rolled up, this bundle measures in at twenty-eight and a half inches by fourteen inches. This is just small enough to fit in most trunks.

Rooms and Dividers


This model comes with a few dividers that split the structure into a total of four rooms, complete with four entryways. You can leave all of the dividers unzipped to make it one huge single room, or zip up the dividers for more privacy.

The design consists of a unique cross structure with a central dome that’s connected to the main entryway. This is the largest area with three additional sections complete with dividers that allow you to create a total of four rooms, three of which are roughly the same size, with the fourth being the common area, so it’s by far the biggest space.


The manufacturer claims that setting up the tent should take twenty to thirty minutes, but I found that it takes approximately forty minutes with two people. Setting up the tent begins with spreading it out flat and beginning from the middle by setting up six roof poles and four vertical poles. Next, you must raise each of the side rooms. If this is your first time assembling a tent, you can expect the process to take about an hour.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Four rooms
  • High ceilings
  • Built-in rainfly
  • Twelve windows
  • Spacious interior
  • Durable


  • Long set up time
  • Minimal built-in storage
  • Not designed for strong winds or heavy rainfall
  • Does not retain heat well

Ozark Trail Versus ALPHA CAMP 6 Person Cabin Tent

The competing model by Alpha Camp isn’t quite as large, but it does come with some great features that you’ll appreciate on your next camping trip. It does come with UV protection, a separate vestibule that’s screened in, so you can enjoy the night sky, without dealing with mosquitos, and better than average airflow thanks to the large entryway and mesh panel windows. But unlike the Ozark model, this tent can only sleep up to six people, with dimensions that come in at ten by six feet.

As you can see, the competing model features a pretty compact design in comparison, however, for some the screened-in porch and the faster assembly process can make it a fair tradeoff. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a model that can provide enough sleeping space for your next camping trip, then choose the best option based on how many people are in your party, your budget, and how much gear you’ll be bringing along.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

trail baseDespite its large size, it surprisingly doesn’t come with many extra amenities, such as built-in storage. While it’s rated as a three-season model, it doesn’t have what it takes to keep you warm in colder weather. Additionally, it also struggles to keep you dry in prolonged exposure to heavy rainfall.

This is one of Ozark Trail’s best cabin tents. While it lacks in built-in storage and it’s not designed for heavy rainfall or colder weather, as a tent to use in the spring and summer, it’s a perfect choice. The spacious interior, twelve windows, mesh ceiling panels, and four private entryways will allow you to camp out in style and total privacy. For some, the lengthy setup process may be a deal-breaker, but considering the price, this model is a total steal. I gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars.